While working as Nespresso's digital art director I was tasked with suggesting a redesign for the company consumer website. The redesign received very positive feedback but in the end we couldn't go through with the project due to the global consistency of the brand.


Nespresso's website stands in sharp contrast with the chic and elegant brand. The redesign required a full overhaul of the UX before starting with the UI. This was done by streamlining many of the categories and focusing on the main goal of the website- selling products.

Presenting the three main sales categories in a clear way, immediately bellow the welcome hero image slider, to help the user reach what they are looking for quickly. The page is made up of photos and cleaner sections with icons to create a rest for the eyes. The combination of a serif font and a calligraphy font that connect to the artistic and sophisticated style of the brand.

Nespresso is a lifestyle brand and it is important to promote this.

A bestsellers gallery in coffee colors, hovering shows the colors and pressing on the plus opens a quick view of the product.

Finding a boutique and a help section are what people search for most in the site, after the product sections of course.

Instagram is one of the main ways lifestyle brands promote themselves these days, and it is important for Nespresso to bring it's Instagram feed to the forefront of the customer's mind.



The main business of this website is selling capsules. In my redesign the capsules are presented in a highly appealing way, as a high end product, almost like precious jewels.

Coffee specific filters

kazaar laptop.png

In addition to the technical information, the product page also takes the user into the Nespresso lifestyle and on a journey to the coffee beans' origins.

The specific product page presents the capsule in an appealing way, with all the coffee related information and technical information.



FIRST UX_b.png
FIRST UX_b3.png
FIRST UX_b5.png
FIRST UX_b7.png