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Half Bread series as a whole.

Breaking Bread plate set- a loaf of bread is baked in the center, elevating the plates from the table (due to the form). Each diner cuts off a piece of bread connected to the plate. when placing the plate on the table it is now the bread that is elevated. Derived from the time old tradition of breaking bread.

Bread Basket- Made of a ceramic handle and base, buns of different types of bread are baked all around the handle to create a "Basket". In the end the ceramic pieces are left as part of the crumbs.

Individual Bread pot- the bread is the "glue" that seals the pot, otherwise the pot cannot close (the diagonal line in the form was created to insure the use of the bread). Meant for the final cooking stages of the stew. At the table the user slices open the pot and can nibble on the bread while he enjoys his hot meal. The top half becomes a vessel for refuse.

Bread Bowl- The bread plugs a hole in the bottom of the bowl and creates the base on which it sits. As you eat the soup slowly seeps into the bed.

The ceramic pieces without the bread

Placing dough on pot

Placing dough on Bread Bowl

Silicone ring to help place the plates easily

Placing dough on plates

Bread basket ceramic pieces

Tableware that fuses bread and ceramics to create a new eating experience. The baking of the bread on the ceramic vessel is the final stage of the design and what makes it complete. In essence the bread is essential for the function of the tableware. The user performs acts on the ceramic tableware that he would usually perform with bread (slicing, etc.). I view this as a possible next step in the evolution of the longtime relationship between tableware and food. 

Graduation project



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