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Necklace: "an ornamental chain worn around the neck comprised of beads or links"

Badge: "any emblem, token or distinctive mark worn to show achievement, allegiance, etc."

Earring: "an ornament worn on the lobe or edge of the ear"

Ring: "small circular band worn on the finger"

Red: "the first color of the spectrum"

Gold: "the chemical element Au"

Black: "the darkest color"

Jewelry that literally defines itself. The definitions of the products were used to create the actual pieces of the jewelry with the text, so for example the pendant on a necklace is comprised of the word "necklace" and its meaning.

The pieces are made of brass with the Photochemical machining technology. They are than gold/silver plated or color coated in heat.

Designed in collaboration with Ellia Nattel


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